A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines

A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines
Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines Book Cover

A textbook of internal combustion engines by R. K. Rajput – (including air compressors and gas turbines and jet propulsion S.I. units (2016). This treatise on “Internal Combustion Engines” (Including gas turbines) contains a comprehensive treatment of the subject matter in simple, lucid, and direct language. It envelops many problems properly graded, including typical examples from an examination point of view. The book comprises 21 chapters. All chapters are saturated with much-needed text, supported by simple and self-explanatory figures. At the end of each chapter—Highlights, Objective Type Questions, Theoretical Questions, and Unsolved Examples have been added; besides this, a “Question Bank” containing “Additional Objective Type Questions (with Answers and Solution—Comments)”, “Theoretical Questions with Answers” and “Additional Typical Examples (Including Universities and Competitive Examination Questions)” has been included to make the book a comprehensive and a complete unit in all respects. get Handbook of Diesel Engines[pdf].

The Contents of A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines

  • 1. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics
  • 2. Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines
  • 3. Air Standard Cycles
  • 4. Fuel-Air and Actual Cycles
  • 5. Combustion in S. I. Engines
  • 6. Combustion in C. I. Engines
  • Bosch Automotive Handbook PDF
  • 7. Air Capacity of Four-Stroke Engines
  • 8. Two-Stroke Engines
  • 9. Chemical Thermodynamics and Fuels (Conventional and Alternative)
  • 10. Fuel/Air Mixture Requirements
  • 11. Carburetion and Carburettors
  • 12. Fuel Injection Systems for C. I. Engines
  • A Textbook of Automobile Engineering
  • 13. Ignition Systems (S. I. Engines)
  • 14. Engine Friction and Lubrication
  • 15. Engine Cooling
  • 16. Supercharging of I. C. Engines
  • 17. Testing and Performance of I. C. Engines
  • 18. Air Pollution from I. C. Engines and Its Control
  • Maintenance and Repair Manual for Diesel Engines
  • 19. Miscellaneous Engines
  • 20. Air Compressors
  • Gas Turbines

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