Absorption Chiller and Heat pumps

Absorption Chiller and Heat pumps
Absorption Chiller and Heat pumps

Absorption Chiller and Heat pumps by  Keith E. Herold, Reinhard Radermacher, and Sanford A. Klein a book of CRC Press. This ebook gives an in-intensity description of absorption chillers and heat pumps, focusing on tremendously easy structures that employ running fluids in the liquid and vapor phase. The book gives a thorough rationalization of the way thermodynamic and shipping residences of operating fluid combos enable them to influence the performance of absorption systems. The student or engineer who is a newcomer to the sphere will advantage a comprehensive understanding vital for the design and evaluation of absorption systems. Absorption Chillers and heat Pumps incorporates great examples. it also includes an indication reproduction of the Engineering Equation Solver (EES) application and application files for all the examples in the text. problems are indexed at the quit of major chapters. This unique book is a superior higher-level textbook for college kids, and a precious reference source for engineers.Also read HVAC Engineers Handbook 11th edition

Contents of Absorption Chiller and Heat pumps book
1. Introduction
2. Absorption Cycle Fundamentals
3. Properties of Working Fluids
HVAC Pump Handbook
4. Thermodynamic Processes with Mixtures
5. Overview of Water/Lithium Bromide Technology
6. Single-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Systems
7. Double-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Technology
HVAC Installation Procedures
8. Advanced Water/Lithium Bromide Cycles
9. Single-Stage Ammonia/Water Systems
10. Two-Stage Ammonia/Water Systems
Boilers Condensers and Evaporators
11. Generator/Absorber Heat Exchange Cycles
12. Diffusion–Absorption Cycle
13. Applications of Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps

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