Air Conditioning Principles and Systems

Air Conditioning Principles and Systems by Edward G. Pita
Air Conditioning Principles and Systems

Air Conditioning Principles and Systems 4th edition by Edward G. Pita. The book begins by developing the fundamental principles of air conditioning, followed by a description of equipment and systems. The text emphasizes the application of theory to both designing new systems and troubleshooting existing ones. This approach is enhanced by many illustrative examples and problems dealing with real situations. An underlying theme throughout the book is energy utilization arid conservation. Energy codes and standards are described, and each topic is examined from an energy conservation viewpoint, an approach that is essential for all future work in the air conditioning field. A chapter is devoted to solar heating and cooling.

The Contents of Air Conditioning Principles and Systems

  • 1 The Scope And Uses Of Air Conditioning
  • 2 Physical Principles
  • HVAC Inspection Notes
  • 3 Heating Loads
  • 4 Furnaces And Boilers
  • 5 Hydronic Piping Systems And Terminal Units
  • HVAC Controls Operation and Maintenance
  • 6 Cooling Load Calculations
  • 7 Residential Cooling Loads
  • 8 Air Conditioning Processes
  • 9 Psychrometric Analysis Of The Air Conditioning System
  • 10 Fluid Flow In Piping And Ducts
  • 11 Piping, Valves, Ducts, And Insulation
  • 12 Air Distribution Devices
  • 13 Centrifugal Pumps, Expansion Tanks, And Venting
  • 14 Air Conditioning Systems And Equipment
  • 15 Refrigeration Systems And Equipment
  • Audel Hvac Fundamentals Volumes
  • 16 Automatic Controls
  • 17 Instrumentation, Testing, And Balancing
  • 18 Planning And Designing The HVAC System
  • 19 Solar Heating And Cooling Systems

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