Arc Welding control

Arc Welding control
Arc Welding control

Arc Welding control by Jiluan Pan free pdf download. The book is divided into five parts, with fifteen chapters. Part I, ‘The dynamic process of arc welding’, quantitatively describes the dynamic behavior of arc welding, the power sources that are used and their effect on welding technology through the basis of control theory. Part II Welding arc control describes new ways of controlling the welding arc through using modern electronics. The methods of arc control that are introduced are unique, original and demonstrate outstanding performance. The author demonstrates significant systematic achievements in this field that have never before been published. These methods provide important means for developing new welding processes and power sources. Arc sensors are a type of sensor that has significant potential for automatic seam tracking in arc welding. In Part III, ‘Arc sensors and seam tracking’, the author establishes the first mathematical model of the sensor on the basis of control theory, giving a clear picture of the essence and phenomena of the sensor. Subsequently, the author has also analyzed the output signals of the sensors and proposed a space transformation method that can improve the reliability and accuracy of the weld groove recognition.

The Contents of Arc Welding control

  • Part I Dynamic behavior of arc welding
  • Theoretical analysis
  • Dynamic characteristics of power sources
  • Fabrication and Welding Engineering
  • Experimental study
  • Part II Welding arc control
  • Control method QH-ARC 101
  • Control method QH-ARC 102 and 103
  • Arc control of CO2 welding and AC MIG welding
  • Part III Arc sensors and seam tracking
  • Mathematical models of arc sensors
  • Processing of arc-sensor signals
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication Book
  • An automatic seam-tracking machine with an arc sensor
  • Part IV Real-time measurement of welding temperature field
  • Study of the colorimetric imaging method
  • Design of a colorimetric imaging apparatus
  • Practical measurement and application
  • Part V Automatic path programming of the robot
  • Vision systems and automatic path programming

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