Boilers for Power and Process

Boilers for Power and Process
Boilers for Power and Process

Boilers for Power and Process Book by Kumar Rayaprolu, This is a practical deskbook on water tube boilers for practicing engineers and a reference book for students of heat and power. It has been written by an experienced boiler professional with an all-around techno-commercial background of nearly four decades. Let me hasten to dispel a possible interpretation of a “practical book” as a book dealing with only nuts and bolts. On the contrary, this book delves into the theoretical aspects required for a practicing boiler engineer. It tries to recapitulate and build on the forgotten fundamentals of a busy power engineer, providing a higher level of understanding and wider exposure to various modern boiler and firing technologies. This book, after providing a brief (but deep) theoretical background of scientific topics involved in boiler technology (namely, heat transfer, fluid flow, combustion, fuels, water, and materials) goes on to describe the different contemporary construction details and thereafter elaborates on the various industrial and utility boilers based on the different combustion systems. Profusely illustrated with design and practical data, it is positioned as a deskbook for any boiler engineer.

Topics in Boilers for Power and Process book

Section I: Boiler Fundamentals

  • Boiler Basics
  • Heat and Flow
  • Fuels and Ash
  • Water Conditioning
  • Boiler Materials

Section II: Boiler Parts and Auxiliaries

Section III: Boilers and Firing

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