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Design Engineers Handbook

Design Engineers Handbook
Design Engineers Handbook

Design Engineers Handbook by Keith L. Richards. The world of mechanical design engineering is very broad and covers a wide range of subjects. This book is specifically aimed at the student design engineer who has left full- or part-time academic studies and requires a handy reference handbook. Some of the titles may seem a little obscure, but in my experience, working in a wide range of industries from machine tools to aerospace, writer have used these subjects regularly. Chapters on beams and torsion are included for obvious reasons. mechanical fasteners, limits
and fits, helical compression springs and analytical stress analysis, Fatigue and fracture and  many other design topics are covered in this book.

Contents of Design Engineers Handbook

  • Chapter 1 Beams
  • Chapter 2 Torsion of Solid Sections
  • Chapter 3 Design and Analysis of Lugs and Shear Pins
  • Chapter 4 Mechanical Fasteners
  • Chapter 5 Limits and Fits
  • Chapter 6 Thick Cylinders
  • Chapter 7 Compound Cylinders
  • Chapter 8 The Design and Analysis of Helical Compression Springs Manufactured from Round Wire.
  • Chapter 9 Introduction to Analytical Stress Analysis and the Use of the Mohr Circle
  • Chapter 10 Introduction to Experimental Stress Analysis.
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to Fatigue and Fracture
  • Chapter 12 Introduction to Geared Systems
  • Chapter 13 Introduction to Cams and Followers

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