Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks

Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks
Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks Book Cover

Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks by Ashok K. Sharma and Prabhata K. Swamee. The Piping Handbook covers optimal sizing of water-supply gravity and pumping systems, transportation of solids as sediments through pipelines, and applying linear and geometric programming techniques in water distribution network optimization. Computer programs with development details and line-by-line explanations have been included to help readers develop skills in writing programs for water distribution network analysis. The book is intended to aid students, professional engineers, and researchers, and is structured to enable the design of functionally efficient and least-cost systems. The book also includes numerous numerical examples, which are integral to the general presentation and provide a comprehensive understanding of the design procedures.

The Contents of Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principles of Pipe Flow
  • Sources of Water Supply
  • Water Treatment Processes
  • Water Quality Aspects in Water Supply
  • All in one Manual of industrial piping practice
  • Design of Pumping Systems
  • Design of Transmission Mains
  • General Principles of Network Synthesis
  • Design of Distribution Systems
  • Pipe Network Analysis
  • Audel Pipefitters and Welders Pocket Manual
  • Design of Service Reservoirs
  • Design of Combined Systems
  • Network Analysis and Design
  • Water Transmission Lines
  • Unsteady Flow Analysis in Pipe Networks
  • Computer Applications in Water Supply Network Design
  • Appurtenances in Water Supply Systems
  • Facility Piping Systems Handbook For Industrial Commercial
  • Maintenance and Operation of Water Supply Systems
  • Water Supply System Security
  • Reorganization of Water Distribution Systems

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