Diesel Generator Handbook

Diesel Generator Handbook Cover
Diesel Generator Handbook Cover

Diesel Generator Handbook by L. L. J. Mahon. The book is a single-source reference on the practical design and application of diesel generating plant. The book is intended to serve as an engineering guide to all those who may be concerned with the selection, specification, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of diesel generator plant. It should, therefore, be valuable to the plant or services engineer; to non-specialist engineers and users; and to young technicians and engineers (especially in industrially developing countries).

The Contents of Diesel Generator Handbook

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Classification of engines
1.3 Working cycles
1.4 Piston action and piston connection
Advanced engine technology
1.5 Cylinder arrangements
1.6 Fuels and operating modes
1.7 Engine features
1.8 Waste heat recovery
Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists
1.9 Referenced standards
1.10 References and bibliography

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