Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics

Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics
Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics

Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics by by Milo D. Koretsky. Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics is intended for use in the undergraduate thermodynamics course(s) taught in the sophomore or junior year in most Chemical Engineering (ChE) and Biological Engineering (BioE) Departments. For the majority of ChE and BioE undergraduate students, chemical engineering thermodynamics, concentrating on the subjects of phase equilibrium and chemical reaction equilibrium, is one of the most abstract and difficult core courses in the curriculum. In fact, it has been noted by more than one thermodynamics guru (e.g., Denbigh, Sommerfeld) that this subject cannot be mastered in a single encounter. Understanding comes at greater and greater depths with every skirmish with this subject.

The text was developed from course notes that have been used in the undergraduate chemical engineering classes at Oregon State University. It uses a logically consistent development whereby each new concept is introduced in the context of a framework laid down previously. This textbook has been specifically designed to accommodate students with different learning styles. Its conceptual development, worked-out examples, and numerous end-of-chapter problems are intended to promote deep learning and provide students the ability to apply thermodynamics to real-world engineering problems. Two major threads weave throughout the text: (1) a common methodology for approaching topics, be it enthalpy or fugacity, and (2) the reinforcement of classical thermodynamics with molecular principles. Whenever possible, intuitive and qualitative arguments complement mathematical derivations.

  • Measured Thermodynamic Properties
  • The First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Entropy and the Second Law Of Thermodynamics
  • Applied Thermodynamics and engineering
  • Equations of State and Inter molecular Forces
  • Phase Equilibrium : Problem Formulation
  • Phase Equilibrium : Fugacity and Applications
  • Chemical Reaction Equilibrium
  • Steam Tables

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