Environmental Health and Hazard Risk Assessment principles and calculations

Environmental Health and Hazard Risk Assessment Principles and Calculations
Environmental Health and Hazard Risk Assessment Principles and Calculations

Environmental health and hazard risk assessment principles and calculations by (CRC press) Louis Theodore and R. Ryan Dupont. Risk. Health risk. Hazard risk. Individual risk. Societal risk. Etc. Risk has surged to the forefront of numerous engineering and scientific areas of interest. Why? A good question. Some of the more obvious reasons include (not in the order of importance) the following:
1. Increased environmental health and safety legislation
2. The accompanying massive regulations
3. Regulatory fines
4. Liability concerns
5. Environmental activists and their organizations
6. Public concerns
7. Skyrocketing health-care costs
8. Skyrocketing workers’ compensation costs
9. Codes of ethics

Table of Contents for Environmental Health and Hazard Risk assessment

  • History of Environmental Health Problems
  • History of Environmental Hazard Problems
  • The Managers Guide to Health and Safety at Work
  • Health Risk versus Hazard Risk
  • Environmental Regulatory Framework
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Introduction to Health Risk Assessment
  • Health Problem Identification
  • Toxicity and Dose-Response
  • Health and Safety Books
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Health Risk Characterization
  • Introduction to Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Hazard/Event Problem Identification
  • Hazard/Event Probability
  • Hazard/Event Consequences
  • Fire Engineering and Emergency Planning
  • Hazard Risk Characterization
  • The Case for Case Studies
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Natural Disaster.

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