Evaluation of Fire Safety

Evaluation of Fire Safety
Evaluation of Fire Safety Book Cover

Evaluation of Fire Safety is a comprehensive book that explores different aspects of fire safety, ranging from the nature of the fire hazard, major fire hazard areas, and the cost of fires to the prescriptive and functional approach to fire safety. The book discusses the fire safety system, including its objectives, design steps, and sources of fire safety data. It examines various subsystems such as fire occurrence and prevention, fire development and control, harmful effects, and fire safety design and management. The book also covers the contribution of fire safety engineering, approaches to quantitative evaluation of fire safety, and risk management.

The Contents of Evaluation of Fire Safety

  • The Place of fire safety in the Community
  • The fire safety system
  • Review of some major fire & explosion disasters
  • Requirements from public and private authorities for fire safety
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Sources of statistical data
  • Occurrence and growth of the fire
  • Life loss
  • Property damage
  • Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design
  • Performance of fire safety measures
  • Deterministic fire safety modeling
  • Model Validation
  • Point systems – a single index
  • Logic trees
  • A Guide to Fire Safety Engineering
  • Stochastic fire risk modeling
  • Fire safety concepts tree and derivative approaches
  • Fire Safety Assessment in the process industries

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