Fall Prevention and Protection Principles Guidelines and practices

Fall Prevention and Protection Principles Guidelines and practices
Fall Prevention and Protection Principles Guidelines Book Cover

Fall Prevention and Protection Principles Guidelines and practices by Hongwei Hsiao. This book covers a wealth of knowledge from experts and informed stakeholders on the best ways to understand, prevent, and control fall-related risk exposures. Featured are subjects on (1) a public health view of fall problems and strategic goals; (2) the sciences behind human falls and injury risk; (3) research on slips, trips, and falls; (4) practical applications of prevention and protection tools and methods in industrial sectors and home/communities; (5) fall incident investigation and reconstruction; and (6) knowledge gaps, emerging issues, and recommendations for fall protection research and fall mitigation. Safety Professional Reference pdf.

The Contents of Fall Prevention and Protection Principles

  • 1. Fall Prevention and Protection: A Public Health Matter.
  • 2. The Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Falls among Older Adults
  • 3. Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes
  • 4. Fall Risk Characteristics in the Construction Industry.
  • Risk Assessment A Practical Guide to Assessing Operational Risks
  • 5. Vision Impairment and Fall Risk in the Elderly
  • 6. Influence of Personal Protective Equipment Use on Fall Risk.
  • 7. Suspension Tolerance Time and Risk after a Fall
  • 8. Suspension Trauma and Fall-Arrest Harness Design
  • 9. Fall Risk Associated with Restricted and Elevated Support Surfaces
  • 10. Role of Support Surfaces in Preventing Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries
  • 11. Hazard Concept and Falls.
  • Accident Incident Prevention Techniques
  • 12. Friction Measurement: Methods and Applications
  • 13. Stairway Safety Research
  • 14. Improving Balance Control: Current State and Practices.
  • 15. Ladder Safety: Research, Control, and Practice
  • 16. Aerial Lift Safety Research and Practice
  • Health and Safety Pocket Book
  • 17. Falls from Commercial Vehicles: Safety Research, Control, and Practice
  • 18. Fall Rescue: Training and Practice
  • 19. Slip and Fall Controls for Pedestrian and Community Safety

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