Fire Engineering and Emergency Planning

Fire Engineering and emergency planning
Fire Engineering and emergency planning book cover

Fire Engineering and emergency planning Research and Applications by R. Barham. This book represents the proceedings of Euro Fire 95, the first European Symposium on Research and Applications in Fire Engineering and Emergency Planning. Throughout Europe there is a considerable number of fires reported each year, resulting in the loss of many lives. The amount of damage to the environment and to the property is colossal, with reinstatement work on the non-domestic property often costing hundreds of millions of ecu. Add to this the cost of business interruption and increased insurance premiums and the imperative of lessening the risk of fire, and for good emergency planning, through education and research becomes obvious.

The Contents of Fire Engineering and emergency planning

  • Introduction
  • Research in fire engineering: combustion and explosion science and industrial problems
  • The theoretical model of carbonized organic solid fuels combustion
  • Industrial fire protection handbook
  • Results comparison of smoke movement analysis in buildings
  • Emergency planning
  • Assessment and simulation of crowd evacuation issues
  • Analyzing evacuation modeling techniques
  • Foam and water for the protection of equipment
  • European standards for fire safety
  • The Health and Safety Handbook
  • Fire legislation: a UK view of European fire safety regulation
  • Operability analysis as a tool for fire risk evaluation
  • Educating firefighters for fire safe design
  • Safety Professional Reference and Study Guide
  • Training and research in fire safety
  • Public perceptions and risk assessment
  • Airborne hazards

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