Handbook of Rigging

Handbook of Rigging
Handbook of Rigging

Handbook of Rigging pdf Lifting, Hoisting, and Scaffolding for Construction and Industrial Operations by W. E. Rossnagel. The handbook is intended to provide a ready reference and guide for Engineers and contractors engaged in rigging design and operations. Expert riggers and erectors of buildings and other structures. Maintenance mechanics in industrial plants and electric power generation facilities having less frequent rigging jobs to perform. Operators of all types of hoists, derricks, and cranes. Workers engaged in the erection of scaffolds or signages, or in climbing tall structures (towers and chimneys) for repair or maintenance work.

The Contents in Handbook of Rigging book

  • Section 1 Codes, Standards, and Regulations
  • Section 2 Engineering Principles
  • Section 3 Worksite Preparation
  • Safety and Health for Engineers
  • Section 4 Rigging Systems
  • Section 5 Rigging Devices
  • Section 6 Rigging Tools
  • Section 7 Lifting and Hoisting Machinery
  • Section 8 Scaffolding and Ladders
  • Section 9 Protective Equipment and Devices
  • Section 10 Safety, Health, and Security
  • Construction Safety and Health OSHA regulations.

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