Mastering Electrical Engineering

Mastering Electrical Engineering
Mastering Electrical Engineering Book cover

Mastering Electrical Engineering by Noel M. Morris. This book reflects the modern thinking and needs of the electrical technologist, the emphasis being placed on practical circuits and systems. Following modern teaching practice in many courses, the mathematics has been kept to a minimum consistent with covering the necessary background theory.

The Contents of Mastering Electrical Engineering

  • Principles of electricity
  • Electrochemistry batteries and other sources of e.m.f.
  • Resistors and electrical circuits
  • Thermal Power Plant Design and Operation
  • Measuring instruments and electrical measurements
  • Electrical energy and electrical tariffs
  • Electrostatics and Electromagnetism
  • Electrical generators and power distribution
  • Textbook of electrical technology by BL Theraja
  • Direct current motors
  • Alternating current
  • Introduction to single-phase a.c. circuits and calculations
  • Poly-phase a.c. circuits
  • Electrical Power System
  • The transformer
  • A.C. motors
  • Power electronics

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