Mig Welding Guide

MIG Welding Guide
MIG Welding Guide

The Mig Welding Guide by Klas Weman, G. Linden. Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) also called MIG (metal inert gas) if the shielding gas is inert, for example, argon, or MAG (metal active gas) if the gas has a content of an active gas such as CO2. In Europe, the process is usually called MIG/MAG or just MIG welding. The Guide provides complete information and practical knowledge about (metal inert gas) welding. The chapter about Quality and safety issues is also included in the book.

The Contents of Mig Welding Guide

  • The MIG welding process
  • Equipment for MIG welding
  • Shielding gases in MIG welding
  • Consumables in MIG welding
  • Flux cored arc welding
  • Pulsed MIG welding
  • Welding Principles and Applications
  • MIG brazing
  • Improving productivity in MIG/MAG methods
  • Assessing weld quality in MIG welding
  • Occupational health and safety in MIG welding
  • Reducing costs in MIG welding
  • Audel Welding Pocket Reference
  • MIG welding of uncoated and surface coated steel
  • MIG welding of stainless steel
  • MIG welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Robotic equipment for MIG welding
  • The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding
  • Automotive applications of robotic MIG welding
  • Heavy vehicle applications of robotic MIG welding

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