NAHB-OSHA Scaffold Safety Handbook English Spanish

NAHB-OSHA Scaffold Safety Handbook English Spanish
NAHB-OSHA Scaffold Safety Handbook English Spanish Book Cover

Scaffolds can provide a safer and more efficient way to work in home building and remodeling. Every time a scaffold is erected, used, or dismantled it must be properly set up and certain protocols must be followed. Even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has implemented and updated a scaffold safety standard, scaffold-related accidents that result in injuries and deaths continue to occur. OSHA estimates more than 9,000 injuries a year are related to working on or around scaffolds. At least 79 deaths each year are caused by unsafe scaffold use and according to data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, scaffold falls cause more than 3,000 disabling injuries each year.

The contents of this booklet highlight the most common types of scaffolding found in residential construction today and reference some of the major requirements for safely working on and around scaffolds. It is a quick reference guide and should not be used solely for the purposes of regulatory compliance. For detailed information

The Contents of Scaffold Safety Handbook English Spanish

  • Introduction
  • Training Requirements
  • Working on Scaffold
  • Erecting and Dismantling Scaffold
  • General Requirements
  • The Health and Safety Trainers Guidebook
  • Capacity
  • Access Use
  • Fall Protection
  • Falling Object Protection
  • Types of Scaffold
  • HSE Safety Free Books
  • Fabricated Frame Scaffold
  • Pump Jack Scaffold
  • Ladder Jack Scaffold
  • Saw Horse Scaffold
  • Step, Platform, and Trestle Ladder Scaffold
  • Mobile Scaffold
  • 5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks
  • Mobile Utility Scaffold
  • Roof Bracket Scaffold
  • Carpenters’ Wall Bracket Scaffold
  • Top Plate Scaffold
  • Aerial Lifts.

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