Nuclear Safety Second Edition

Nuclear Safety Second Edition
Nuclear Safety Second Edition Book Cover

Nuclear Safety Second Edition by Gianni Petrangeli. This book aims to cover some general and unusual topics, such as the overall conditions to comply with a “safe” plant, the transboundary consequences of accidents to plants or specific activities, and the consequences of terrorism. This book will satisfy generalists with an ample spectrum of competencies, specialists within the nuclear industry, and all those seeking simple plant modeling and evaluation methods. New to this edition: Up-to-date analysis on recent events within the field, particularly events at Fukushima; Further examples of application on safety analysis; New ways to use the book through calculated measures. Earthquake resistance — Tornado resistance — Resistance to external impact — Nuclear safety criteria — Nuclear safety research — Operating experience — Underground location of nuclear power plants— Radioactive waste — Fusion safety — Safety of specific plants and of other activities — Nuclear facilities on satellites these topics are briefly discussed in this book.

The Contents of Nuclear Safety Second Edition

  • Introduction
  • Inventory and Localization of Radioactive Products in the Plant
  • Safety Systems and Their Functions
  • The Classification of Accidents and a Discussion of Some Examples
  • Severe Accidents
  • The Dispersion of Radioactivity Releases
  • System Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment
  • Health Consequences of Releases
  • The General Approach to the Safety of the Plant
  • Defence in Depth
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Analysis
  • Safety Analysis Review
  • Nuclear Engineering Handbook
  • Classification of Plant Components
  • Notes on Some Plant Components
  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Tornado Resistance
  • Resistance to External Impact
  • Nuclear Safety Criteria
  • Nuclear Safety Research
  • Operating Experience
  • System Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment
  • Underground Location of Nuclear Power Plants
  • The Effects of Nuclear Explosions
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety of Specific Plants and of Other Activities
  • Erroneous Beliefs About Nuclear Safety
  • The Limits of Nuclear Safety: The Residual Risk.

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