Plumbing Pipe Fitting and Sewerage

Plumbing Pipe Fitting and Sewerage
Plumbing Pipe Fitting and Sewerage Book Cover

Plumbing Pipe Fitting and Sewerage by Department of the Army Training US. This manual is a guide for engineer personnel responsible for conducting plumbing and pipe fitting operations. This manual provides information on water, waste, heating systems, and basic plumbing techniques. Use this guide to help repair fixtures, leaky pipes, and valves; to make pipe joints; to install water, waste, and heating systems; and to test and service these systems. Plumbers install and repair water systems, waste systems, and fixtures; cut, ream, thread, and bend pipes; and caulk, solder, and test joints or systems for leaks.

The Contents of Plumbing Pipe Fitting and Sewerage

  • Chapter 1 – Plumbing Systems
    Section I -Basic Water Supply and Water Distribution Systems
    Section II – Theater of Operations Water Supply and Distribution System
    Section III – Sewerage System
    Section IV – Wastewater
    Section V – Human Waste
    Section VI – Solid Waste
    Section VII – Human Waste Disposal in the Field
    Section VIII – Wastewater Disposal in the Field
  • Basic Plumbing Training Course
  • Chapter 2 – Heating Systems
  • Chapter 3 – Basic Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance
  • Chapter 4 – Plumbing Fixtures
  • Chapter 5 – Water Heaters
  • Chapter 6 – Pipes and Fittings
  • Chapter 7- Valves and Faucets
    Section I – Valves
    Section II – Faucets
  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Chapter 8 – Stacks and Branches
  • Chapter 9 – Traps and Vents
    Section I – Traps
    Section II – Vents
  • Chapter 10- Steam, Gas, and Air Piping
  • Chapter 11 – Centrifugal Pumps.

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