Safety Training Talks American Water Works

Safety Training Talks American Water Works
Safety Training Talks American Water Works Book Cover

Let’s Talk Safety: 2012.0 contains 52 weekly safety talks that cover a variety of safety topics related to water utility operations. Each talk can be made in just a few minutes by American Water Works Association. Let’s Talk Safety makes it easy for safety officers to spend a few minutes each week communicating with employees about the critical importance of working safely. This book will help you open up important safety dialogues and give you common starting points for discussion. You may also want to consider placing these articles in your employee safety publications.

The Contents of Safety Training Talks American Water Works

  • How to Use Let’s Talk Safety
    1. How to Conduct a Safety Tailboard
    2. Climbing Elevated Tanks: The Height of Safety
    3. Understanding Safety Data Sheets
    4. Powerful Protection from PPE
    5. Safety for Employees Working Remotely/Alone
    6. CPR and AEDs Can Save Lives
    7. Energized Electric Equipment Can Be Deadly
    8. Trenching: Don’t Dig into Trouble!
    9. Quick Equipment Checks
    10. Jackhammer Safety
    11. An Open-and-Shut Case for Gate Valve Safety
    12. Biohazards and Worker Safety
    13. Weld Well to End Well
    14. You’ve Got the Power! of Power Tools
    15. Facing Up to Stress
    16. Lightning: The Underrated Killer
    17. Texting and Working Don’t Mix
    18. Lockout / Tagout: Water under Pressure
    19. Accident Investigation: Key to Preventing Future Accidents
    20. Reagents in Disguise: Chemical Safety
  • 21. Be Kind to Your Body: Stretch before Working


  • 22. Build a Construction Site Safely
    23. Don’t Be Shocked by Charged Pipes!
    24. Know Your Colors, and Call Before You Dig
    25. Take a Load Off: Tips for Safe Lifting
    26. Keep Trouble Out and Let Help in with Access Control
    27. Climb into Confined-Space Safety
    28. Message to Self: Distracted Driving is Dangerous
    29. Don’t Let Chemicals Get You!
    30. Listen Up to Protect Your Hearing
    31. Climb onto Ladder Safety
    32. Working at Altitude: Don’t Fall into Danger
    33. The Safe Use of Compressed Air
    34. Hypothermia and Heat Exhaustion
    35. Cutting Pipe Safely with Power Saws
    36. Vehicle Safety: Check, Inspect, Drive!
    37. Safe Fuel Handling Practices
    38. Keeping Chemical Deliveries Safe
    39. Don’t Get in a Bind with a Backhoe
    40. Operating Laboratory Equipment
    41. Setting Up a Safe Traffic Control Zone
    42. Holding on to Hand Safety
    43. Eyes on Safety
    44. Handling the Load: Forklift Safety
    45. Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence
    46. ​​Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer
    47. Night Work Safety
    48. Avoid Harm from Laboratory Hazards
    49. Avoid Slips and Trips
    50. Be Prepared for an Emergency
    51. Job Hazard Analysis: Identify and Reduce Hazards
    52. Avoid Arc Flash

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