Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers
Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers latest 17th edition is a reference book. The first edition of the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers was written and compiled by “A Staff of Specialists” and published by the McGraw Publishing Company in 1907. Continuing its 100-plus years of legacy, this Handbook focuses on one particular branch of electrical engineering: electric power and its applications. The topics in the Handbook encompass the full spectrum of electric power engineering and include generation, transmission, distribution, operation, system protection, switchgear, power components, and electricity markets.

The Contents of Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

  • Section 1. Units, Symbols, Constants, Definitions, and Conversion Factors
    Section 2. Measurement and Instrumentation
    Section 3. Properties of Materials
    Section 4. Interconnected Power Grids
    Section 5. Alternating-Current Power Transmission
    Section 6. Direct-Current Power Transmission
    Section 7. Power Distribution
    Section 8. Smart Grids and Microgrids
    Section 9. Wind Power Generation
    Section 10. Solar Power Generation and Energy Storage
    Section 11. Substations
    Section 12. Switchgear and Power Components
    Section 13. Power Transformers
    Section 14. Electric Machines: Generators
    Section 15. Electric Machines: Motors and Drives
    Section 16. Power Electronics
    Section 17. Power System Analysis
    Section 18. Power System Operations
    Section 19. Power System Protection
    Section 20. Power System Stability and Control
    Section 21. Electricity Markets
    Section 22. Power Quality and Reliability
    Section 23. Lightning and Overvoltage Protection
    Section 24. Computer Applications in the Electric Power Industry
    Section 25. Standards in Electrotechnology, Telecommunications, and Information Technology

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