Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation

Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation
Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation Book Cover

Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation by Evelio Padilla. This book intends to help both professional groups accomplish their responsibilities by giving them guidelines regarding the scope and functions of SASs based on current technology, including requirements from Standard IEC 61850, as well as useful details for dealing with various stages needed for SAS project development. The Book aims to close the gap created by fast-changing technologies impacting a series of legacy principles related to how substation secondary systems are conceived and implemented. The book is written for practical application, this book is a valuable resource for professionals operating within different SAS project stages including the: specification process; contracting process; design and engineering process; integration process; testing process, and operation and maintenance process.

The Contents of Substation Automation Systems Design and Implementation

  • Historical Evolution of Substation Automation Systems (SASs)
  • Main Functions of Substation Automation Systems
  • Impact of the IEC 61850 Standard on SAS Projects
  • Switchyard Level, Equipment, and Interfaces
  • Electric Safety Practice and Standards
  • Bay Level: Components and Incident Factors
  • Station Level: Facilities and Functions
  • System Functionalities
  • System Inputs and Outputs
  • System Engineering
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • Communication with the Remote Control Center
  • System Attributes
  • Tests on SAS Components
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Commissioning Process
  • Training Strategies for Power Utilities
  • Oxford A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Planning and Development of SAS Projects
  • Quality Management for SAS Projects
  • SAS Engineering Process According to Standard IEC 61850
  • Future Technological Trends
  • Samples of Equipment and System Signal Lists

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