The Essential Manager’s Handbook

The Essential Manager’s Handbook
The Essential Manager’s Handbook

The Essential Manager’s Handbook THE ULTIMATE VISUAL GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT. Be a more effective manager and hone your management style with DK Essential Managers Handbook, a bind-up of DK’s DK Essential Managers: Leadership, DK Essential Managers: Managing People, DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication, DK Essential Managers: Negotiating, and DK Essential Managers: Achieving High Performance in one easy-to-reference, practical, step-by-step guide.

The Contents of The Essential Managers Handbook

  • Chapter 1 Understanding yourself
  • Chapter 2 Managing a team
  • Chapter 3 Leading others
  • Chapter 4 Understanding leadership
  • Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook
  • Chapter 5 Taking up your leadership role
  • Chapter 6 Leading through challenges
  • Chapter 7 Developing leaders
  • Chapter 8 Knowing yourself
  • Chapter 9 Improving your skills
  • Chapter 10 Becoming more effective
  • Chapter 11 Becoming successful
  • Chapter 12 Understanding communication skills
  • Chapter 13 Speaking and writing
  • Engineering Resume Format CV
  • Chapter 14 Communicating with your team
  • Chapter 15 Communicating externally
  • Chapter 16 Planning to present
  • Chapter 17 Taking center stage
  • Chapter 18 Preparing to negotiate
  • Chapter 19 Setting your style
  • Handbook of Industrial Engineering 3rd Edition
  • Chapter 20 Conducting negotiations
  • Chapter 21 Developing your technique

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