Transformer Engineering Design Technology

Transformer Engineering Design Technology
Transformer Engineering Design Technology Book Cover

Transformer Engineering Design Technology, and Diagnostics by S. A. Khaparde and S. V. Kulkarni. The book is therefore a significant contribution to the literature. The book will be beneficial and handy to the transformer industry and users. It will also be useful for teaching transformers to university undergraduate and postgraduate students. The thorough treatment of all important aspects of transformer engineering given in the book will provide the reader with all the necessary background to pursue research and development activities in the domain of transformers and electrical power engineering.

The Contents of Transformer Engineering Design Technology

  • Transformer Fundamentals
  • Magnetic Characteristics
  • Impedance Characteristics
  • Eddy Currents and Winding Stray Losses
  • Stray Losses in Structural Components
  • Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook
  • Short-Circuit Stresses and Strength
  • Surge Phenomena in Transformers
  • Insulation Design
  • Cooling Systems
  • Structural Design
  • Electrical Power Systems Design and Analysis
  • Special Transformers
  • Electromagnetic Fields in Transformers: Theory and Computations
  • Transformer–System Interactions and Modeling
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Guide to Electric Power Generation
  • Recent Trends in Transformer Technology
  • Appendix A: Sample Design
    Appendix B: Vector Groups
    Appendix C: Fault Calculations

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