Valve Designers Handbook

Valve Designers Handbook
Valve Designers Handbook Cover

Lyons valve designers handbook by Jerry L Lyons. In this book, the aim is to provide a comprehensive collection of materials that will assist valve designers in their work. Many engineers spend a significant amount of time researching specifications and gathering data to perform calculations related to flow rates, pressure drops, material compatibility, fasteners, seals, packings, and other system requirements. The book aims to alleviate this burden by compiling relevant information in one accessible resource. Overall, the book strives to facilitate the valve designer’s job by offering a wide range of materials and information, thereby streamlining the research and calculation processes involved in valve design.

The Contents of Valve Designers Handbook

  • Valves in general
  • Valve engineering and design data
  • Flow data for the designing of fluid components and systems
  • Dashpots, damping, and fluid hammer
  • Cavitation
  • Pipe Fitting and Piping Handbook
  • Noise abatement and valve noise calculations
  • Valve packing design
  • O-ring design data
  • Screw threads and fasteners
  • Comparison of materials
  • Valve selection Handbook
  • Piping design and systems
  • Valve test methods
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Product liability
  • Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology
  • Maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting

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