A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions

A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions
A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions Book Cover

A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions: Overcoming Technical and Material-Specific Issues by Robert W. Messler. As critically important as welding is to a wide spectrum of manufacturing, construction, and repair, it is not without its problems. Those dependent on welding know only too well how easy it is to find information on the host of available processes and on the essential metallurgy that can enable success, but how frustratingly difficult it can be to find guidance on solving problems that sooner or later arise with welding, welds, or weldments. Understanding how welding works in terms of various processes and the metallurgy is well treated in books, colleges, and continuing education. Far less well treated is why welding sometimes does not work as expected or needed, what problems can occur, and, most importantly, how to solve problems that do appear. What every practitioner of welding needs to know.

The Contents of A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions

  • Introduction
  • Categorization of welding and weld Problems
  • Problems with Joint Setup and weld Joints
  • Shape Distortion, Dimensional Shrinkage, and Geometric Instability
  • Types of Weld Porosity
  • Principles of welding
  • The Most Dreaded Defect in Welds
  • Nonmetallic and Metallic Inclusions
  • Weld Appearance
  • Fusion Zone of FusionWelds
  • Welding Symbols on Drawings
  • Partially Melted Zone of FusionWelds
  • Heat-Affected Zone of Fusion Welds
  • Unaffected Base Metal Cracking Associated with Welding
  • Discontinuities in Multi-pass Welds
  • Problems with Non-fusion Welding and Non-fusion Welds
  • Embrittlement of Carbon and Low- and Medium-alloy Steels
  • Sensitization or Weld Decay and Knife-line Attack in Stainless Steels
  • Welding Principles and Applications pdf 7th edition
  • Loss of Properties in Cold-Worked Metals and Alloys
  • Embrittlement with High-chromium Contents
  • Weld Dilution and Chemical Inhomogeneity

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