Heat and Thermodynamics

Heat and Thermodynamics
Heat and Thermodynamics book cover

Heat and Thermodynamics by Hilary. D. Brewster. The book contains detailed descriptions of Modern Techniques in Thermodynamics. The aim of the book is to make the subject matter broadly accessible to advanced students, whilst at the same time providing a reference text for graduate scholars and research scientists active in the field.

The Contents of Heat and Thermodynamics book

1. Introduction
2. Heat transfer
3. Heat Conduction
4. The Behaviour of Gases
5. Specific Heat of Solids
6. Thermal Equilibrium and Zeroth Law
7. The First Law of Thermodynamics
Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics
8. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
9. Third Law of Thermodynamics
10. Entropy
11. Enthalpy Generating Heat
12. Isolated Paramagnets
13. Power Cycles with Two-Phase Media

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