Thermodynamics Combustion and Engines

Thermodynamics Combustion and Engines
Thermodynamics Combustion and Engines Book Cover

Thermodynamics, combustion, and engines are fundamental topics in the field of mechanical engineering. The study of thermodynamics involves the analysis of energy transfer and conversion between various forms, while combustion deals with the chemical reactions that occur during the burning of fuels. Engines are devices that utilize thermodynamics and combustion to produce useful work. This book, written by Brian E. Milton, provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of thermodynamics, combustion, and engines. The book is designed to serve as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering, as well as a reference for practicing engineers in the field.

The Contents of Thermodynamics Combustion and Engines

  • Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines
  • Air Standard Cycles
  • Thermodynamic Properties
  • Compressible Flows for Engines
  • Air and Fuel Flow in Engines
  • Engine Turbomachinery
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles
  • Introduction to Fuels and Combustion
  • Combustion and Emissions from Engines
  • Heat Transfer in Engines
  • Alternative Fuels for Engines
  • Engine Performance and Efficiency
  • Engine Control Systems
  • Handbook of Diesel Engines
  • Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
  • Engine Noise and Vibrations
  • Engine Lubrication and Wear
  • Engine Design and Optimization
  • Advanced Engine Technologies
  • A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Future Trends in Engine Development
  • Renewable Energy Systems and Engines
  • Power Generation Cycles with Engines.

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