Heat Exchanger Design Guide

Heat Exchanger Design Guide
Heat Exchanger Design Guide Book Cover

Heat Exchanger Design Guide: A Practical Guide for Planning, Selecting and Designing of Shell and Tube Exchangers by M. NITSCHE AND R.O. GBADAMOSI. In this book, you will be shown how to proceed in the design of a heat exchanger in the daily practice, how to determine the effective temperature difference for the heat transfer, and how to calculate the heat transfer coefficient using simple equations. The most important influence parameters for the heat transfer coefficient are introduced. Different calculation models are compared. It is shown how to calculate the required dew point and bubble point lines for mixtures.

The Contents of Heat Exchanger Design Guide

  • Heat Exchanger Design
  • Calculations of the Temperature Differences LMTD and CMTD
  • Calculations of the Heat Transfer Coefficients and Pressure Losses in Convective Heat Transfer
  • Geometrical Heat Exchanger Calculations
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles
  • Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient and Temperature Profile
  • Chemical Engineering Calculations
  • Design of Condensers
  • Design of Thermosiphon Reboilers
  • Introduction to Thermal and Fluid Engineering
  • Double Pipe, Helical Coil, and Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

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