Vehicle Maintenance Pro A to Z Guide

Vehicle Maintenance Pro A to Z Guide
Vehicle Maintenance Pro A to Z Guide Book Cover

Vehicle Maintenance Pro_ The A to Z Guide to Managing Your Vehicle Maintenance Operation. This book offers practical advice on selecting the best vehicles for the job, tracking costs and repairs, developing maintenance standards, and organizing the shop for maximum efficiency. The operations topics covered in this manual strongly emphasize the importance of planning, establishing standards, and then living by those standards when it comes to maintenance, safety, and health. The book is divided into two major topic areas: your operations and maintenance-related activities and compliance issues.
The Contents of Vehicle Maintenance Pro

• Shop Operations
• Determining Maintenance Schedules
• Parts Management
• Recordkeeping
• Operational Planning
• Vehicle Systems and Specifications
• Requirements and Accessories
• Improving Fuel Efficiency

Automotive Technician Training Practical Worksheets Level 1
• Emission Systems
• Tire Management
• Electronic Systems
• Personnel
How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners
• Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Technicians
• Performance Evaluation
• Compliance Management
• Self Audits
• Regulations
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