Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook

Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook
Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook Book Cover

Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook 5th edition Minimum Safety Rules by Loss Prevention department. This handbook contains the minimum safety rules applicable to employees, contractors, or anyone performing Saudi Aramco work activities. Compliance with these rules is a condition of employment for Saudi Aramco employees and a contractual obligation for contractor employees. There are many applications for safety — many more than can be addressed in such a handbook. If you see an unsafe condition or behavior, do not disregard it because it is not listed in this handbook.

The Contents of the Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook

  • Saudi Aramco Safety Policy
  • Safety Responsibilities
  • Basic Safety Rules
  • Operational Safety Processes
  • Safety Process 1: Hot Work Permit
    Safety Process 2: Cold Work Permit.
    Safety Process 3: Confined Space Entry Permit
    Safety Process 4: Equipment Opening/Line Break Permit.
    Safety Process 5: Isolation, Lockout, and Hold Tag
  • 100 Safety Topics.
    Abrasive Blasting and Coating.
    Aviation Safety
    Compressed Gas Cylinders.
    Crane Operations and Rigging Safety.
    Cutting, Welding, and Brazing
    Drilling and Well Servicing.
    Electrical Safety.
    Excavation and Trenching
  • Saudi Aramco Scaffold Safety Handbook [pdf]
  • Fall Protection
    Fire Protection
    Hand Tools and Power Tools
    Hazardous Materials
    Heat Stress
    Heavy Equipment
    Hydrogen Sulfide
    Materials Handling
    Office Safety
  • Construction Safety Talks
    Offshore Safety.
    Pressure Testing
    Radiation Safety
    Road Works

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