Boiler Efficiency and Safety

Boiler Efficiency and Safety
Boiler Efficiency and Safety

Boiler Efficiency and Safety A Guide for Managers, Engineers and Operators responsible for Small Steam Boilers. This book covers practical steps to achieve fuel – and money – savings in one specific area: for package steam boilers of up to about 10 MW output. The
authors know its content achieves savings – they have achieved them in their own organisation.

The book is written principally for managers responsible for automatic steam boilers, and for supervisors and operators who run them. It gives managers the background data that they need to ensure their equipment is operated at maximum efficiency. It also gives operators the basic information they need to carry out efficient boiler operation. The book is not primarily intended for professional engineers. they are likely to know it all already, although some may appreciate a reminder of a few basic points.

Boiler Efficiency and Safety Contents

1 Safety of boiler
2 Types and selection of fuel oils
3 Combustion processes and monitoring
4 Combustion in practice
5 Water treatment
6 Boiler operations
7 Maintenance
8 Efficient use of steam
9 Training courses and material

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