Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency

Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency
Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency

Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency book by National Energy Conservation Center Pakistan. ENERCON, the national Energy Conservation Centre, is endeavoring to nurture an energy efficient culture in the country. Its efforts aim at creating awareness among energy users and promoting energy efficiency practices in all energy-consuming sectors of the economy. accordingly, this manual has been prepared to educate boiler operators, technicians, engineers, and industrialists on the basics of industrial boilers, their operating characteristics, and the efficiency improvement techniques; and to be equally useful to boiler engineering students looking at their first real application of basic engineering principles. It offers a review of the following aspects:
1. Basics of combustion, combustion efficiency, and control systems
2. Boilers, their characteristics, and energy efficiency and guidelines to operate steam boilers efficiently
3. Step-by-step approach for calculating and implementing energy efficiency opportunities
4. Identification and wise utilization of alternative renewable energy resources.Boiler Operators Guide.

The Content Improving Steam Boiler Operating Efficiency

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Description of Boilers
  • Types of Steam Boilers
  • Boiler Ratings
  • 3 Fuels, Combustion, and Efficiency
  • Biomass Fuels
  • Fossil fuels
  • 4 Reducing the Losses Affecting Efficiency
  • 5 Efficiency Calculations
  • Heat Loss Calculations
  • 6 Boiler Instrumentation and Controls
  • Types of Safety Valves
  • 7 Burners and Combustion Controls
  • 8 Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Quality
  • 9 Boiler Heat Recovery Systems
  • 11 Performance Monitoring
  • 12 Environmental Pollution Aspect
  • Pakistan National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS)

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