Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design

Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design
Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design Book Cover

Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design Formulas in Practice by Mehran Mousapoor. This book consists of steps for the thermal & mechanical design of d-type water tube boilers. It provides the reader with guidance for the burner, fan size, and capacity selection, furnace thermal and dimensional design, super heater primary thermal and mechanical design, and boiler bank and economizer design. The thermal and mechanical design of water tube boilers is a complex process that involves several factors that need to be taken into consideration. It is important to carefully design these systems to ensure they are safe, efficient, and meet the required performance standards.

The Contents of Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design

  • Introduction, Boiler Basic types, and arrangements
  • Input data for boiler design and  required fuel
  • Forced draft fan discharge mass flow
  • FD: Fan outlet duct design
  • Furnace width and length
  • Furnace height design
  • Flue gas flow rate
  • Boiler Operator Handbook
  • Furnace volume
  • Furnace exit temperature
  • Combustion nonluminous heat transfer coefficient
  • Average tube metal temperature
  • Steam Drum circulation water mass flow rate
  • Heat flux
  • Furnace draft pressure drop
  • Boiler design pressure
  • Superheater tube design rows and deep number
  • Superheater convective heat transfer coefficient prediction
  • Superheater flue gas draft pressure drop
  • Steam and mud drum sizing
  • Boiler Preservation Methods Dry and Wet
  • Bank tube average length
  • Bank tube heat surface prediction
  • Steam drum outlet steam temperature
  • Boiler exit duct flue gas draft pressure drop
  • Boiler water wall design
  • Machine Design PDF Books
  • Economizer design
  • Circulation ratio

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