Basic Shaft Alignment WorkBook

basic shaft alignment workbook
Basic shaft alignment workbook

Basic shaft alignment workbook by John A. Piotrowski. This Workbook is primarily used as a training guide for people attending shaft alignment training courses and then, hopefully as a field guide for the tradesperson, technician, foreman, and engineer doing machinery alignment in the field. I have tried to keep the text to a minimum and portray as many of the alignment procedures and techniques in graphical form or in pictures as much as possible.

The Content in Basic Shaft Alignment WorkBook

  • The Importance of Shaft Alignment
  • Shaft Alignment Overview
  • Before You Start
  • Mechanical engineering Books
  • Measuring the Shaft Positions
  • Shaft Alignment Graphing Techniques
  • Reverse Indicator graphing/modeling
  • Face-Peripheral graphing/modeling
  • Shaft Alignment Handbook
  • Shaft to coupling spool graphing/modeling
  • Positioning the Machinery

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