Shaft Alignment Handbook

Shaft Alignment Handbook
Shaft Alignment Handbook Cover

Shaft Alignment Handbook by John Piotrowski. The book is Reference material on rotating machinery basics, pump overhaul, mechanical seals, basic vibration, and shaft alignment. The primary reasons why machinery is misaligned is lack of proper training, improper tools to do the job, and that people are not given enough time to do it right. This book will help with the training and the tools.

The Contents of Shaft Alignment Handbook

  • Introduction to Shaft Alignment
  • Detecting Misalignment on Rotating Machinery
  • Foundations, Base plates, Installation, and Piping Strain
  • Flexible and Rigid Couplings
  • Preliminary Alignment Checks
  • Valve Selection Handbook
  • Shaft Alignment Measuring Tools
  • Correcting Misalignment
  • Alignment Modeling Basics
  • Defining Misalignment: Alignment and Coupling Tolerances
  • Reverse Indicator Method
  • Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms pdf
  • Face and Rim Methods
  • Double Radial Method
  • Shaft to Coupling Spool Method
  • Electronic and Electro-Optical Shaft Alignment Systems
  • Aligning Multiple-Element Drive Systems
  • Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools
  • Aligning V-Belt Drives
  • Bore Alignment
  • Parallel Alignment
  • Alignment Considerations for Specific Types of Machinery

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