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Boiler Operators Guide

Boiler Operators Guide
Boiler Operators Guide

Boiler Operators Guide Fourth edition by Anthony Lawrence Kohan. Heating, industrial process, institutional, and utility boiler plant
operation continues to be affected by developments in electronic instrumentation and controls, which in turn produce more automatic
operation. Regulatory requirements for controlling emissions and discharges are also affecting modern operations. This edition describes these modern developments. Book continue to stress fundamental basic operating principles, as well as treating current regulatory requirements on emissions, construction and installation, maintenance and repair of safety devices. Practical questions and answers at the end of each chapter have been revised to reflect current boiler systems

Contents of Boiler Operators Guide

Chapter 1. Boiler Systems, Classifications, and Fundamental Operating Practices

Chapter 2. Firetube Boilers

Chapter 3. Watartube Boilers

Chapter 4. Electric and Special Application Boilers

Chapter 5. Nuclear Power Plant Steam Generators

Chapter 6. Material Structure, Required Code Material

Chapter 7. Fabrication by Welding and NDT

Chapter 8. Material testing

Chapter 9. Allowable Pressure calculations

Chapter 10. Boiler Combustion & control

Chapter 11. Combustion, Burners.

Chapter 12. Boiler water treatment

Chapter 13. Boiler Plant Training,  Efficiency calculations

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