Electrician Training Theory Book for Training

Electrician Training Theory Book for Training
Electrician Training Theory Book for Training Cover

Electrician Training Theory Book for Training “Electrician Training: A Comprehensive Guide for ITI & Engineering Courses” is an e-Book that offers in-depth coverage of essential topics for electricians. It includes theoretical content on safety, environmental considerations, and the standardization of trade tools. The book covers the identification of conductors, cable types, and practical skills like skinning and joint making. It explores Kirchhoff’s law, ohm’s law, and the laws of resistances, along with detailed discussions on single-phase and poly-phase circuits. The e-book provides practical insights into the use of instruments like multimeters, wattmeters, energy meters, and phase sequence meters. Additionally, it delves into the application of electrical principles in various equipment, including heating elements, induction heating devices, and rotating machines like DC machines, induction motors, alternators, and MG sets. The content extends to electronic components, control cabinet assembly, motor speed control, voltage stabilizers, emergency lights, and renewable energy systems. With a focus on both theory and practical applications, this e-book serves as a comprehensive guide for electricians in training.

The Contents of Electrician Training Theory Book for Training

  • Safety Precaution for Electrician Training
  • Hand Tools Used in Electrician Training
  • Electrical History for Electrician Training
  • Electric Current Effects for Electrician Training
  • Types of Electric Circuits for Electrician Training
  • Semiconductors
  • Insulators in electrical systems
  • Types of Cables for Electrician Training
  • How to Be Your Own Home Electrician
  • Soldering in Electrical Systems
  • Types of Electrical switches
  • Types of Fuses
  • Capacitors in electrical systems
  • Electrolysis in electrical systems
  • Electroplating in electrical systems
  • American electricians Handbook
  • Batteries in electrical systems
  • Megger in electrical systems
  • Methods of Wiring
  • A.C. Current and its Advantages
  • Alternator and its Types
  • Transformer and its Principle

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