Boiler Registration

Boiler Registration

According to Pakistan Boilers and Pressure Vessels Ordinance, 2002 and Punjab Boilers and Pressure Vessels (Amendment) Act, 2013 no owner of a boiler shall use the boiler or permit it to be used

  • unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
  • in case of any boiler which has been transferred from another Province or territory,
    until it is registered under this Act.
  • unless a certificate or provisional order authorizing the use of the boiler is for the
    time being in force under this Act;
  • at a pressure higher than the maximum pressure recorded in such certificate or provisional order or under which the boiler was constructed and stamped; and
  •  Unless the boiler is in the charge of a person holding the Boilers Engineers Competency Certificate required by such rules and not more than sixty years old or less than twenty-five years of age.

Boiler Registration Process and fee

An applicant must follow these steps for the registration of a boiler:

  • The application for registration should be submitted to the Chief Inspector or to the office of the nearest Inspector.
  • In a case where the application is submitted to the Inspector, the Inspector will forward it to the Chief Inspector within two working days.
  • The application should be accompanied by the prescribed documents and registration fee.

Procedure for Applying

Upon receiving an application, the Department or the Insurance Company schedules a date and time, within fifteen days from the date of the receipt, for the examination of the boiler.

On the date fixed for inspection, the Department or Insurance Company proceeds to examine the boiler and determines the maximum pressure at which the boiler must be used. Further, the Department reports the result of the examination to the Chief Inspector.

Registration Number

The Chief Inspector after checking whether a company fulfills the eligibility criteria registers the boiler and assigns a registration number.

  • The Chief Inspector next orders for a Registration Certificate. At the time of issuance of the Registration Certificate, the Inspector enters the required particulars of the boiler engineer.
  • After receiving the registration number, the owner has to get it marked on the boiler within seven days.
  • If an examination report shows a boiler unfit for approval, the Insurance Company or Inspector communicates the refusal with the reasons to the owner.
  • The Chief Inspector shall ensure that a copy of all the documents submitted by the owner of the boiler and notes of the Insurance Company is sent to the Board for record and computerized data bank.


Inspection Authority Certificate:

  • hydraulic test approved working pressure
  • Inspection at various stages of construction

Boiler Makers Certificate:

Steel Makers Certificate:

  • chemical analysis
  • destructive and non-destructive tests
  • Material specification

Welded Joints:

  • stress-relieving certificate
  • X-rays and other tests

Boiler Accessories:
Description of mountings, fittings, automatic controls, and steam pipelines under Regulation No.262.

Drawing or Print:
Section drawing to scale, principal dimensions, construction details with ends, and plan views.

Registration Fee:
A treasury receipt (in original) deposited in the Government Treasury State/National Bank of Punjab under head CO-3544 FEES Of INSPECTION OF BOILERS.

Approval of Plans and Particulars:
A copy of the approval of plans and particulars of the boiler was obtained from the Chief Inspector of Boilers, Punjab under Pakistan Boiler Regulation No. 373.

N.B. All the certificates, drawings, and documents submitted should be in the English language or with an English translation duly authenticated.

Offical Site for Boiler Registration/inspection

Registration Fee

Boiler Rating (Square Feet) Fee Rs.
For rating not exceeding 100 2,000/-
For rating 101 till 300 2,400/-
For rating 301 till 500 2,600/-
For rating 501 till 700 2,800/-
For rating 701 till 900 3,000/-
For rating 901 till 1100 3,200/-
For rating 1101 till 2000 3,600/-
For rating 2001 till 3000 4,000/-
For rating 3001 till 4000 4,600/-
For rating 4001 till 6000 5,200/-
For rating 6001 till 8000 6,000/-
For rating 8001 till 10000 6,800/-
For rating 10001 till 15000 8,000/-
For rating 15001 till 20000 9,000/-
For rating 20001 till 25000 10,000/-
For rating 25001 till 30000 11,000/-
For rating exceeding 30000 12,000/-

Download 32-A Challan Form for the deposit of Registration Fee

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