Foundrywork for the Amateur

Foundrywork for the Amateur
Foundrywork for the Amateur

Foundrywork for the amateur workshop practice series No. 04 by B. Terry Aspin. The Book include crucibles and melting methods, moulding sands and mixtures, making moulding boxes, Coreboxes and core making and patterns, making a mould, melting of alloys ferrous and non-ferrous metals, tools, a home built drop bottom cupola furnace its Operation and maintenance and other allied matters, all in detail and clearly and simply explained with practical examples.

Contents in Foundrywork for the amateur
An introduction to the foundry work
Crucibles and their care
Melting facilities. Crucible furnaces. A “monolithic” furnace.
The use of solid fuel.
Provision of forced draught
Moulding sands The essential qualities
Types of sand, Sand mixtures, Making oilsand Bond
Reference to loam and Randupson process
Metal moulding boxes
Pattern making. Allowance for construction
Coreboxes and core making and Painting of patterns
Making a mould. Ramming Venting Provision of runner and riser, Feeding heads, Rapping.
Use of parting powders and liquid parting
Baked moulds. Repairing a damaged mould
Melting of iron and aluminum and cuprous alloys
Fluxes and inoculants and Tongs Refractory washes
Building cupola for melting iron.

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