Modern Welding Color Book

Modern Welding Color Book
Modern Welding Color Book Cover

Modern Welding 12th edition Color Book by William A. Bowditch. Modern Welding is an authoritative and technically correct text written by students and teachers in secondary schools, colleges and universities, and technical, and trade schools. It is also suitable for individuals who wish to learn independently about contemporary processes and techniques used in welding. This edition has been expanded and updated to cover the knowledge and skills required for both AWS SENSE Level I and Level II certifications. The book has also been correlated to Precision Exams Welding Technician certification s standards. his book covers the theory, fundamentals of operation, equipment used, and techniques reco1111nended for all of the welding and cutting processes in commercial use.

The Contents of Modern Welding Book

  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Safety in the Welding Shop
  • Welding Engineering An Introduction
  • Welding Joints, Positions, and Symbols
  • Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding
  • GMAW and FCAW
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Pipe and Tube Welding
  • Plasma Arc Cutting
  • Oxyfuel Gas Processes
  • Resistance Welding
  • Special Processes
  • Metal Technology
  • Heat Treatment of Metals
  • Brazing and Braze Welding
  • Professional Welding
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Welding Complete 2nd Edition
  • Welding Procedures
  • Automatic and Robotic Welding
  • Inspecting and Testing Welds

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