Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems

Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems
Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems Book Cover

Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems Modeling and Analysis by A. Raouf and S. Duffuaa. The purpose of this book is to present maintenance as an integrated system with objectives, strategies, and processes that need to be planned, designed, engineered, and controlled using statistical and optimization techniques. The theme of the book is the strategic holistic system approach for maintenance. Maintenance systems play a key role in achieving organizations’ missions and abilities to attain their profit targets. This approach enables maintenance decision makers to view maintenance as a provider of a competitive edge, not a necessary evil.
The Contents of Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems

  • Maintenance Systems
  • Maintenance Strategic and Capacity Planning
  • Preventive Maintenance, Concepts, Modeling, and Analysis
  • Maintenance Work Measurement
  • Maintenance Fundamentals Second Edition
  • Maintenance Material Control
  • Maintenance Operations and Control
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Maintenance Quality Control
  • Troubleshooting Rotating Machinery
  • Maintenance Training
  • Maintenance Performance Measures
  • Handbook of Maintenance Management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Maintenance System Performance, Productivity
  • Reliability and Failure Analysis

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