Maintenance Management for Water Utilities

Maintenance Management for Water Utilities
Maintenance Management for Water Utilities Book Cover

Maintenance Management for Water Utilities by James K. Jordan (American Water Works Association). This book was prepared to provide guidelines to help water utility maintenance managers develop and analyze their maintenance management programs. The text systematically covers the primary components of effective maintenance management and suggests actions that a maintenance manager can take to improve the operation of the maintenance section. While this book continues to emphasize the importance of performing preventive maintenance and carefully planning new and modified maintenance systems, this edition introduces newer concepts involving the use of GPS technology and asset management.

The Contents of Maintenance Management for Water Utilities

  • The Need for Maintenance
  • Maintenance Department Management
  • Relationship Between Operations and Maintenance
  • Organization of the Utility
  • An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Maintenance by Operations Personnel
  • Maintenance by Outside Contractors
  • Planning a Maintenance Management System
  • Information Management and System Monitoring
  • Work Order Systems
  • Handbook of Industrial Water Conditioning
  • Maintenance System Monitoring Techniques
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Group Requirements
  • Engineering Maintenance A Modern Approach
  • Inventory Accountability
  • Determining Quantities in Inventory
  • Automated Inventory Systems

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