Advanced Boiler Inspection Techniques

Boiler Inspection TechniquesAdvanced Boiler Inspection Techniques by UDC describes the Reliability & Availability of low and high-pressure boilers inspection. importance of boiler inspection. Risk management and Proper Failure analysis of boilers. Equipment required for in-plant boiler inspection teams. as well as Outage management Boiler Tube Repair and Replacement.

The Contents of Advanced Boiler Inspection Techniques

  • Reliability & Availability
  • Risk management
  • Human Resources
  • Boiler Outage management
  • Operational Factors affecting failures
  • Boiler inspection Procedure requirement and Recommendations
  • Component Replacements
  • Selection and installation of pressure part components
  • Boiler chemistry
  • Hydrostatic testing of boiler
  • Tube replacement and repair
  • What Are Refractories Used For
  • Thermal Spray Coating and when to use

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