Friction Stir Welding From Basics to Applications

Friction stir welding
Friction stir welding Book Cover

Friction Stir Welding From Basics to Applications by Daniela Lohwasser, ‎Zhan Chen. This book aims to describe the main process principles followed by a deep analysis of the material flow helping to understand why this process works so well. After that, a description of the equipment requirements followed by equipment examples is given. With today’s knowledge on Friction Stir Welding FSW, numerous applications have evolved which are summarized in an extensive way.

The Contents of Friction Stir Welding book

  • The friction stir welding process: an overview
  • Material deformation and joint formation in FSW
  • Friction stir welding equipment
  • Welding Principles and Applications
  • Industrial applications of friction stir welding
  • Industrial applications of FSW
  • The future of friction stir welding
  • The Mig Welding Guide
  • Inspection and quality control in FSW
  • Residual stresses in friction stir welding
  • Effects and defects of friction stir welds
  • The Haynes Welding Manual
  • Modeling thermal properties in friction stir welding
  • Metallurgy and weld performance

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