Fundamentals of Welding Skills

Fundamentals of Welding Skills
Fundamentals of Welding Skills

Fundamentals of Welding Skills by Peter F. Woods (Macmillan Education UK). The book is for welding engineers, concerned with the invention, design, and development of new processes and equipment. The book provides good knowledge for a practical welder, working on diverse projects such as railway rolling-stock fabrication, pressure-vessel construction of armored vehicles, aircraft, and motor-vehicle manufacture. If this book helps to instil this, then its purpose will have been accomplished – as will yours, for you will be reaching out to

The Contents of Fundamentals of Welding Skills

  • Introduction
  • Flux-Metal-Arc Welding
  • Surface Protection of Metals
  • Principles of Fusion
  • Heat Treatment
  • Handbook for Gas Welders
  • Surface Protection of Metals
  • Oxy-Acetylene Techniques
  • Carbon-arc Welding
  • Elements of Drawing
  • Working on tanks or vessels
  • Welding Aluminium and its Alloys
  • Braze welding of cast iron
  • Welding for Design Engineers
  • Gas-Shielded Metal-Arc Welding
  • G.S.M.A. Welding Best Practices
  • Gas-Shielded Tungsten-Arc Welding
  • Weld Safety
  • Quality and Inspection
  • Classification of Defects
  • Welding Complete 2nd Edition
  • Impact Testing
  • Structural and Design Assessment
  • Summary of Other Welding Techniques and processes.

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