HandBook For Mechanical HVAC Designer

HandBook For Mechanical HVAC Designer
Handbook For Mechanical HVAC Designer Book Cover

A HandBook For Mechanical HVAC Designer by Lorn Cook. This handy engineering information guide is a token of Loren Cook Company’s appreciation for the many fine mechanical designers in the Mechanical HVAC industry. A complete, thoroughly revised HVAC design reference guide. This practical book describes the HVAC system design process step by step a book to any entry-level mechanical designer/engineer in the HVAC industry.

The Contents of HandBook For Mechanical HVAC Designer

  • Fan Basics and Fan Types.
    Fan Selection Criteria Fan Laws.
    Fan Performance Tables and Curves.
    Air Density Factors for Altitude and Temperature
    Use of Air Density Factors – An Example
    Classifications for Spark Resistant Construction
  • Motor and Drive Basics
    Definitions and Formulas
    Types of Alternating Current Motors
    Motor Insulation Classes.
  • System Design Guidelines
  • General Ventilation
    Process Ventilation
    Kitchen Ventilation
  • System Design Guidelines
    Sound Power and Sound Power Level.
    Sound Pressure and Sound Pressure Level
  • General Ventilation Design
    Air Quality Method
    Suggested Air Changes.
    Ventilation Rates for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
    Heat Gain From Occupants of Conditioned Spaces
  • Duct Design
  • HVAC Engineers Handbook 11th edition
    Backdraft or Relief Dampers
    Screen Pressure Drop
    Duct Resistance
  • Heating & Refrigeration
  • HVAC design sourcebook
    Moisture and Air Relationships
    Properties of Saturated Steam
    Cooling Load Check Figures
    Heat Loss Estimates

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