Industrial Safety Management

industrial safety management
Industrial Safety Management

Industrial Safety Management 21st Century Perspectives of Asia by J Maiti, ‎Pradip Kumar Ray. The book refers to managing business activities and applying principles, framework, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries, and to minimize other risks. ‘Safety Management’ concepts are used to develop a framework for implementing the safety life cycle management (SLCM) approach for a safety instrumented system (SIS) to manage the plant safety.

The Contents of Industrial Safety Management Book

  • Part I Safety by Design
  • Prevention Through Design
  • Virtual Prototype based Simulator for EOT Crane
  • Reduction of Coal Dust Exposure Using Water Mist System
  • A Study on Performance Parameters Associated with the Effectiveness of Antilock Braking System.
  • Part II Safety Analytics
  • Safety Professional Reference and Study Guide
  • Data-driven Mapping Between Proactive and Reactive Measures of Occupational Safety Performance
  • Prediction of Occupational Incidents Using Proactive and Reactive Data
  • Determinants of Risk Indices in Hard Rock Mine Using Loglinear Model
  • Mathematical Modelling of Human Energy Consumption
  • Managing Health and safety Learning made simple
  • Part III Safety Management
  • Assessment of Significance of Safety Life Cycle Management
  • Understanding the Human-computer Interaction Behavior in Electrical and Power Systems

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