Opportunities in HVAC Advice for the Apprentice

Opportunities in HVAC Advice for the Apprentice
Opportunities in HVAC Advice for the Apprentice Book Cover

Opportunities in HVAC Advice for the Apprentice, Business Owner, and Everyone in Between. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a thriving industry that offers a variety of opportunities for individuals at all levels of experience and expertise. Whether you’re an apprentice just starting out, a seasoned business owner, or someone looking to make a career change, there are countless opportunities available in the HVAC field. In this book, we will explore the many different opportunities that exist within the HVAC industry, and provide advice and guidance for individuals at every stage of their careers.

The Contents of Opportunities in HVAC Advice for the Apprentice

  • Why should you consider a Career in HVAC?
    • Labor Shortage
    • College Option
    • Where do you find work in HVAC?
    • The Difference 5 Years Can Make
  • Apprentice
    • Most Apprentices Starting out are Liabilities
    • Invest in Yourself
    • Seek a Mentor
  • Installer
    • Basic Skills Needed as an Installer
    • Read The Friggin’ Manual (RTFM)
    • Know the Code 2020 Ashare
  • Service
    • Learn and Study the Sequence of Operation
    • Customers are often Skeptical of Technicians
    • Communication Skills
    • How to be the Best Technician
  • Manager
    • Create A Process
    • Training
    • How to Prevent Callbacks
    • Recommendations to Avoid Installation Callbacks
    • Recommendations to Avoid Service Callbacks
    • Business Recommendations to Avoid Callbacks
    • Best Practices for Scheduling During Peak Demand
  • Sales
    • When We Signed up for HVAC, We Signed up to be a Fixer/Problem Solver, Not a Salesman
    • Why Load Calculations Matter
  • Distribution
    • The Right Distributor Can Mean Success
  • What does it take to Build a Successful HVAC Business

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