The Boiler Operator Handbook NIFES

The Boiler operator handbook
The Boiler operator handbook NIFES

The Boiler operator handbook NIFES by National industrial fuel efficiency services ltd. The popularity of the Boiler Operators Handbook has prompted the issue of another revised edition. The·previous edition was issued in 1981 with an emphasis on coal-fired boilers. The trend over the last decade has been towards oil and gas firing and this emphasis is now reflected in the new edition.
The good management of boiler plant should ensure the production of good quality steam in a safe and the fuel efficient manner. If this is achieved, air pollution is minimized. All these aspects are emphasized throughout this new edition. The Boiler Operators Handbook is intended to help the operator carry out his important work with skill and efficiency. It is not a textbook nor does it go into great detail. However, it does contain sufficient information to encourage the operator to study the subject more extensively.

The Content of Boiler operator handbook NIFES

  • Fuels in Common Use
  • Combustion
  • Water and Steam
  • Boiler Efficiency and Heat Transfer
  • Boiler Types and classifications
  • Solid Fuel Firing
  • Pulverised Fuel Firing
  • Liquid fuel firing
  • Gaseous Fuel Firing
  • Automatic Control and Instruments
  • Boiler startup procedures
  • The clean air act

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